About The Foundation

The Education Foundation of the Milwaukee Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers was founded in 1983 as a tax-free, non-profit corporation qualifying as a 501-C foundation. It was formed to promote the plastics industry through increased awareness of this ever-growing segment of American commerce and manufacturing in the various educational institutions in the state of Wisconsin.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of professionals in the plastics industry representing many areas and levels of management, engineering, processing, quality assurance and sales. Some of them own their own businesses and are intimately aware of the quality of employee needed to maintain the growth and innovation the industry has enjoyed for many decades. They possess all the credentials necessary for the administration and distribution of monies where the greatest need exists and the desired benefits may be realized.

Board members donate their time and services to the Foundation so all incoming funds may be dedicated to their goal of a self-sustaining source of monetary assistance for students and schools. Through this, the industry and economy of our state and nation may also benefit.

For more information go to this page: https://milwaukeespe.org/education-foundation/grant-application/

Complete your applications by the deadline and email all applications to: kent.attwell@sabic-ip.com

Investment Policy

The Foundation’s goal is to generate a fund of $1,000,000 to maintain a steady flow of these grants and scholarships that will help provide schools and students with the monies needed to develop the next generation of plastics professionals. A successful program of prudent, conservative investments has been developed as part of our investment policy, with the proceeds distributed to defray the expenses involved in the teaching, training and study of plastics. The Education Foundation never spends its principle. The Education Foundations only awards grants based the annual earnings from its investments. We currently have $922,144 in assets and have awarded about 5% of our funds per year. This strategy assures that the Education Foundation will be able to assists students and educators for an indefinite period of time. The stage has been set. Those who need assistance are known as well as those who will orchestrate the distribution of that assistance. A clear set of goals has been established where we balance time of exposure, number of students and quality of the education delivered. All that is needed are benefactors who share our concerns about the current level of plastics education in our state, and wish to see improvement made in the future. We ask for your generous assistance, either monetarily or through referral of interested parties and local foundations, to achieve these far reaching goals.

Where We Spend Grant Dollars