June 3, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Virtual Meeting
Michael Miller

Most of us have been in the plastics industry long enough to appreciate what comes together to successfully make parts. But what about making a successful product? Therein lies a whole other dimension with industrial design playing a significant role…

The industrial design profession evolved from the Bauhaus movement in the early 20th century to a multidisciplinary profession in the 21st century. It has had a profound effect on human society as well as our environment. This presentation will discuss its origins, its evolution, and its impact on plastic product design. The presentation will discuss the effect of materials and processes on industrial design and how products can benefit by fully integrating engineering and industrial design throughout the design process. Numerous examples and case studies will be included to substantiate the topics reviewed.

Please join us FREE on June 3rd as we welcome Michael Paloian, a renowned expert and frequent presenter on a wide range of topics related to Industrial Design and plastic product development.




Since founding Integrated Design Systems in 1983, Michael Paloian and his team have built an industrial design company with an enviable reputation – providing clients with world-class designs of sophisticated, often very complicated products for international markets.

Michael is the widely respected founder and president of IDS. He wears many hats – industrial designer, inventor, artist, lecturer, and educator. He has developed a broad range of products by working closely with local, national, and international clients. Michael holds an undergraduate degree in Plastics Engineering and a Master of Industrial Design. In addition, his extensive experience is the basis for his branded and unique insights into the field of Industrial Design.


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